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Highgate Park, Sutton on Sea


Highgate Park
Sutton on Sea

Highgate Park will be open on the 1st March 2022 for the season.

We request that due to the uncertainty regarding Covid 19 everyone respects social distancing and hand hygiene whilst on the park especially as many of our owners have serious health issues.

Also please refrain from entering the office without an appointment and call to the side window - helpdesk wherever possible.


Please be aware all prospective buyers of a holiday home on our site will be required to provide proof of an address of a main residence before any sales can proceed, we can accept copies of a council tax bill or driving licence as evidence. A copy of a current council tax document in the buyer(s) names will be required annually.


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Please Note :  the amended office opening hours from the 1st March 2022 are from 1.30pm to 3.30pm only Monday to Friday for payments/queries etc.

Cheque payments should be placed in the post box by the office door – receipts will be issued once processed.

 Please respect that we are a working office and will not be available out of these hours with the exception of emergencies. 

Please complete a form for any gas/electric repairs/tests or maintenance work and post it in the black mailbox by the office door.  (These are in the Perspex box on the wall by office window). Only authorised tradespersons are allowed on site.

Works will be dealt with on a weekly basis and forwarded to the relevant tradesperson/s apart from emergency works that will be dealt with daily.

We are still experiencing problems with the refuse bins.  Household items/furniture/garden pots are still being deposited along with garden waste.  This type of waste is not accepted and must be taken to a licensed waste refuse centre. We can only accept general household waste (food, food packaging, wipes etc).  Also please use the other bins around the park when the main bins in the carpark are full.  Refuse is being left on the floor; bin lids left open, that of course encourages vermin. 


Please be reminded that we must have a copy of all owner’s current council tax bill for 2022 and a copy each year thereafter on their main residence (this cannot be on a van on site).  We have received notification that we will be prevented from allowing anybody to use their holiday van without this document.

We must remind everyone that a holiday van cannot be used as a main/permanent residence as per Government guidelines and ELDC.

All owners must provide a permanent/main address and copy of council tax bill to prevent Highgate Park being in breach of the site licence and closure.


Please ensure rotary washing lines are removed after use to allow for grass cutting.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the mower and cannot cut around them.



Highgate Park